Filmed & Edited by Samantha Davidson Green
Sound Mix & Original Music by John D. Keith
Additional Sound by Jordan Green
Additional Videography by Jonathan Wysocki & Elisabeth Naughton
Production Support by Jordan Green, Judith Reeve, Leeanna Varga & Derrick Smiley
Pro Bono Web support by Rubenstein Technology Group

UCLA School of Film & Television Graduate Advisors – Marina Goldovskya & Becky Smith


Kenneth McGowan Award
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
UCLA Graduate School of Film & Television


Mr. Jimmy Moore
Jim Jr., Dolly, and Jamie Moore
Don Robbins, Bob Everard, & Harry Strohm
Jordan Green
Judith Reeve
Leeanna Varga
Mary Virginia Sweeney
Fleeta Mills
John Keith
Jonathan Wysocki
Elisabeth Naughton
Rachel Pearl
Michael & Jamie DeWitt
Marina Goldovskaya
Becky Smith
Tom DeNove
Scott Brownlee
Jaron Rubenstein
All my classmates & faculty advisors at UCLA
The generous people of Crystal Springs, Sumrall & Prentiss, Mississippi

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